Unbiased Advice, Unparalleled Service.

G&S Capital prides itself on personally getting to know each of our clients in order to build relationships and understand each person’s unique goals, values and philosophies. Likewise, each team member at G&S Capital contributes a unique skillset, personality, and perspective to deliver independent unbiased advice.

Get to know us.

Financial consultants
  • Justin L. Soucie

    Co-Founder, CFP®

    Most energized when he is sharing portfolio strategies and investing principles with his clients, Justin brings a passion for the financial markets to every new project. He thrives on simplifying ...

  • David P. Groat

    Co-Founder, MBA

    David truly loves his profession. Deriving the greatest satisfaction from guiding clients through financial decisions, he partners with G&S Capital clients to develop personalized strategies for success. Through ...

  • Scott Arnold

    Financial Consultant, CFP®

    Due to Scott’s curiosity for solving financial problems coupled with his desire to help others, Scott joined the financial services industry over 15 years ago.  His passion to help ...

The team
  • Robyn Petty

    Operations Manager

    Phone: 303-773-8000
    Email: robyn@gandscapital.com

  • Brian Soucie

    Client Relations Specialist/Team Leader

    Phone: 303-773-8000
    Email: brian@gandscapital.com

  • Ryan Williams

    Portfolio Manager/Trader, CFP®

    Phone: (303) 773-8000
    Email: ryan@gandscapital.com