Corporate Retirement Plans & 401(k)

Investment Lineup
We offer a state-of-the-art selection of investments when it comes to our 401(k) plans… including mutual funds, exchange traded funds, and G&S Capital custom strategies.  No matter the investment approach your employees would like to employ (active, passive, and/or tactical) – we’ve got you covered.

G&S Capital is a level fee fiduciary.  We believe in fee transparency…meaning that your plan costs are not hidden or buried.  We also analyze our investment line-up each and every quarter to make sure we are in the most price efficient share classes offered.

G&S Capital’s Financial Advisors don’t just meet with the business owners and plan trustees.  We pride ourselves in being available to all plan participants.  For a lot of plan participants – the decision to participate in their employer plan may be the single most important retirement decision they ever make.  We want to be the ones to educate them!

Advisory and financial planning services offered through G&S Capital, a Registered Investment Advisor.