Individual and Family Investment Management

Our three step process is disciplined, thorough, logical, non-emotional, and proven. And it’s the perfect balance of art and science. 

Step 1. Where. (Science)

We start by analyzing and evaluating the relative strength among the broad asset classes to determine where to invest (and just as importantly, where NOT to invest). We literally run over a million calculations/comparisons a night.

Step 2. What (More science)

Our analysis now turns to the thousands of investment choices as we narrow the possibilities to the strongest asset classes, the strongest sectors and then the strongest companies within those segments.

Step 3. How (Art)

Because the market is constantly changing we need to continually analyze every position we own. And we do that on a daily basis. Our team is constantly adjusting based on our proprietary buy and sell disciplines to help assist us with getting into and out of positions at the optimal times.