Individual and Family Investment Management

Our three-step process is disciplined, thorough, and educational. 

Step 1. Understanding What You Want Your Portfolio to Accomplish for You.

Are you primarily seeking Income or Growth?  Is Tax-Efficiency or Legacy important to you and your family?  Maybe you are looking for Wealth Preservation strategies but would like to keep pace with Inflation?  It is likely some combination of these objectives along with others.  We can help you develop and prioritize these goals and objectives.

Step 2. Review Current Portfolio & Current Strategies.

We want to review and understand your investing history and how you are currently positioned.  Do you have misalignment, misunderstandings, or inefficiencies in how your portfolio is currently constructed vs. the goals and objectives identified in Step 1?

Step 3. Recommendations & Implementation.

The last step in the process includes our recommendations on how we would position your portfolio and make pro-active adjustments to it over time based on your identified objectives and risk tolerance.  Our investment committee meets on a weekly basis to stay abreast of how our investment strategies are performing as well as the overall market environment.  


Want to get started?

Take the first step by evaluating your risk tolerance with our complimentary online risk assessment.