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Our Services

At G&S Capital, we build dynamic portfolios and risk management strategies for each of our clients. Our client projects are lead by knowledgeable, dedicated financial planners and supported by the G&S Capital team of specialists to provide personalized portfolios, unparalleled service, and independent advice.

G&S Capital provides unbiased advice in, as well as access to, the following areas:


The Financial Consultants at G&S Capital specialize in portfolio and investment management for our clients. Our disciplined/rules-based investment process is deliberately designed to:

  • Determine the strength & leadership among the various asset classes in which to invest.
  • Identify the opportunities within the asset classes themselves.
  • Diligently monitor each investment we make.
  • Proactively make changes in client portfolios when strength & leadership changes.
  • Advisory and financial planning services offered through G&S Capital, a Registered Investment Advisor.


Insurance & Asset Protection At G&S Capital, we understand the importance of protecting your assets. Many times, this protection extends to the lives and livelihood of you and your family members. The team at G&S Capital can help you determine how and when to insure yourself and/or your assets.

  • Life Insurance Analysis: A G&S Capital Life Insurance Analysis can include: Analysis of the cost effectiveness and adequacy of various types of insurance coverage from a risk-management standpoint.
  • Long-Term Care Analysis: A G&S Capital Long-term Care Analysis can include: Determination of need for long-term care insurance, and when, if ever, is a good time to purchase this niche insurance option.


Whatever your challenges and goals are, G&S Capital can help you and your family plan for the future. Using a set of tried-and-tested industry tools and a combination of market knowledge and industry experience, G&S Capital will help you build a wealth plan for your future.

  • Retirement Planning
  • Income Distribution Planning
  • College Planning
  • Estate Planning


Taxes have a significant impact on countless financial decisions. It is important to understand the tax implications associated with your actions. The team at G&S Capital can provide you with education rooted in experience, and a tax plan that balances strategy and analysis.

  • Cost Basis Analysis
  • Income and withdrawal plans
  • Stock Option Strategies
  • Tax Gain/Loss Harvesting & Tax Mitigation